How I Work

Portraits are a very individual thing and nearly everyone has a different idea of how they look, or how they want to look. Many people are nervous about having their photo taken, for a variety of reasons. I understand this and therefore want to put you at your ease.

Firstly, we shall have a discussion about what type of portrait you are ideally looking for (e.g. studio shot, outdoors in the landscape in Scotland, relaxed at home, formal at home) – whether it’s a present for someone, a family record picture for the piano or the living room wall – perhaps you don’t even know what type of portrait you want? No matter. We’ll have a friendly and calm chat about your wishes and I’ll help explain how we might best achieve this. This initial discussion would most likely be over the phone.

When we meet up, we’ll have a further chat (most likely over a coffee or tea!) to get to know each other a little better and to ensure your aims and objectives for the shoot have remained the same. I’ll also want to ensure you are calm and are looking forward to the shoot. After all, it should be fun!

Whether we are doing an indoors or an outdoors shoot, it is essential that I take the photographs in the best possible light, in order to create the best portrait photography I can. In Scotland, it can sometimes be a challenge to find that light, so it is important that you set aside a few hours for your portrait shoot, to ensure success.

When you are ready to book your portrait shoot, please contact me and I shall respond as soon as possible.